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September 5, 2012

Hey everyone, as promised here is our first update for English 12.  Today was a pretty straight forward first day of class.  We went over the outline, did a brief questionnaire about our social networking, and personal goals, and then we headed to the library to select books for silent reading.  Don’t forget to bring this to read EVERY class!

Just a reminder that Friday’s class will be in the library.  You will be working on that crazy list of terms and devices the Ministry of Education says you need to know by the end of the year – remember, don’t freak out, you already know at least 3/4 of them.  It is the Welcome Back BBQ on Friday, so I will also be soliciting some help getting things started.

I have posted the outline on the HANDOUTS page in case you lost it between 3rd or 4th period and getting home.  Please remember to share it with your parent(s) and have them sign it.  Please take some time to explore the blog and perhaps follow on an RSS feed or by email.

I have also updated the “What I’m Reading” page to include the books I read this summer.  Most are available in the library, if you are interested.  And yes, if you are wondering, Dinner: A Love Story is a cook book, and yes, I read it from cover to cover – it was also semi-biographical, and totally inspirational.