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September 17, 2012

Today we had a lottery in class! I know… you were all super excited!  Greg Z. offered the first bit of foreshadowing when he asked if this was a 6/49 type lottery, or a Hunger Games type lottery – great question Greg! And an awesome lead in to our story “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson.
We read the story in 4 chunks, stopping to question and think about key lines or words.  After we read the story, we had some discussion about why the town holds the “lottery” each year and then we began looking for evidence in the story that foreshadows the dark ending.  We all agreed that the story has a “heavy” feel to it – something that Jackson is great at creating – mood, atmosphere (note use of terms from that ridiculously long list of terms I gave you at the beginning of the year).

Next class you will complete your first response journal, using this story as a prompt.