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In-class write and Quotation Journal assignment

Don’t forget that Thursday your Quotation Journals are due and you will be doing an in-class write.  You may use your novel and any notes you have in your notebook.  You will have time for some editing and peer review during our next class.

The writing topics ask you to consider a theme from the novel and how it is developed.  There is one about language and communication, one about perceptions, one about organization… hmmm… is that enough hints?

Remember to avoid just summarizing the story – you want to discuss the theme and how it is carried throughout the novel.  You will want to use specific examples to support your points.

November 13, 2012

We had a work period last day to finish up blog posts and work on your quotation journals.  I notice, after reviewing your blogs, that many of you have not posted your 3 responses to the “deeper” questions we were discussing.  This needs to get done this week, please.

Be sure to review your reading schedule and to work on your quotation journal a little each day.