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June 9, 2011

Block B – YearbookWe had a sneak peak of the yearbook today!  It looks so good!  Don’t forget that we will be wearing our t-shirts on Monday!


Block D – English 11 – We began today by going over the sections on the final exam.  There will be some adjustments for those of you who joined the class part way through the year.  You should be reviewing a little bit each night in preparation for the exam.

We then began watching Dead Poets Society – this is a movie I think everyone should see.  It will also link nicely into the poems we are going to look at next week.


Block C – Family Studies – You had a bit of time to read your novel and I am happy to see the number of you who have finished your book.  Remember, you should be finished your novel for Monday.

Today was “mock Friday” so we watched Parenthood – the episode was called “Orange Alert”.

June 3, 2011

Block C – Family Studies – Today was Parenthood day!  You watched episode 5 “The Booth Job”.  You were to complete a viewing journal and write a paragraph on one of the conflicts in the episode.

Don’t forget that you have a test next class on chapters 21, 22 and the chapters from Closing the Gap.

Block D – English 11 – This was your last Lit Circle meeting.  Apparently the sunshine was a bit of a distraction however I hope that you had some good discussion in preparation for your final writing assignment.  This two page reflection is due next class.