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September 19, 2012

After finishing some explanatory notes on writing a response journal, we headed to the computer lab to do our first response journal blog post on The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson.  Remember that you want to respond to all 4 parts in your response.  The notes are also available on the handouts page above.

Hyperlinks are a great way to add depth to your response.  This can be especially useful in the “connections” section of your response.  Link to an informational page or an image, to enhance your response blog post.
UPDATE – Your blog posts are NOT due Friday – I will give you more time in class.

April 19, 2012

Last class we took some notes together on the symbolism in the first act of The Crucible.  If you were away, be sure to get these notes from a classmate.

We then went to the computer lab to begin working on a response journal on Act 1.  Your response journal will be posted to your blog.  this time I would like to see you take your blog posts to the “next level” by adding hyperlinks or images in your blog posts.  This will be especially effective in part 2 where you discuss the connections you made while reading the play.

We continued working on our response journals today.  Don’t forget that you will need to comment on at least 3 of your classmates’ blog posts.  Your comments need to be more significant than “good job” or “I agree.”  These comments are encouraged, but you need to follow them up with specific references to their post.

You blog posts should be complete for Monday and don’t forget that you also have a quiz on Act 1 on Monday.  If you can’t remember the criteria for a response journal you can find it on the Handouts page of this blog.