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October 19, 2012

Last class I was away at We Day!  What a fantastic experience.  The highlight for me was hearing Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  I feel a bit blessed to have been in the same building as him.  What an amazing man, and an amazing life he has lead.

Ms. Campbell took care of you while I was away.  You had some time for silent reading and then finished watching The Power of One.  I hope you enjoyed this film as much as I do.  There are some powerful messages and lessons in the film.  Next class we will make a decision for those of you who were away – about 7 people in each class.  (please note that I have seen a pattern for a couple of you that when I am away, so are you – I hope this isn’t intentional)  I think the plan will be for those of you who missed the film to watch it on Tuesday while the rest of us begin our writing assignment in the computer lab.  The assignment is based on powerful quotations from the movie and from Bryce Courtney, the author of the original book.