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June 10, 2011

It is starting to feel like the end of the year is drawing near!  We only have one week left and that means only 2 classes each – WOW!


Block F – Literature 12 – We finished the last of our required readings today and then worked on your exam review sheets.  The review sheets are due next Thursday.

Your final test on the Victorian and Modern Eras will be on Thursday, June 16th.  It will be an open notebook test.

Don’t forget to write down our exam tutorial dates.


Blocks E & H – We went over another sample sight poem from the government exam.  You should be reviewing terms every night as part of your study routine.

We then began watching The Kite Runner today.


Block G – English 11 – We had a bit of exam information to start the period today.  You should be reviewing a bit each night in preparation for the exam.

We began watching Dead Poets Society today and will be looking at a couple of poems next week.

June 8, 2011

Blocks E & H – English 12 – We did a bit of housekeeping today.  You had time to catch up on any missing assignments and make sure that you have everything handed in.  We also made sure the Facebook assignments were handed in/printed.  Don’t forget that you now need to hand in your novels.

We are going to end the year by watching The Kite Runner.  I know not everyone read the book but I think the film is still worth viewing.


Block G – English 11 – We had a work period today.  You had the opportunity to make sure you are all caught up on your assignments.  Your novels are also now due so please make sure you bring them next class.

We will be doing a couple of poems to end the year.  Think about mountains, rivers and highways.


Block F – Literature 12 – We went to the computer lab to work on your exam review sheets.  These need to be complete for Tuesday.  We will discuss our final three poems on Friday.

I handed out a sample exam today.  You should be doing a bit of review every night or whenever you get the chance.  Just re-reading the literature we have read will be a great start!