Stuff to Share

This is one of the best videos ever!  Showed this in Leadership but important for everyone to see.

Here’s another one for today!  This is one of my favourites to use for Leadership.

Ok Caris, this one is for you!

Funny clip from The Middle when Brick discovers the internet.  There is a great connection to the library diploma program I am doing right now.

Thank you Mrs. Crosgrey for sending me this link.  Talk about powerful!

Now this is cool!

Just when I think I’m tired of this song, I find something else that makes me smile!

Here is another great Taylor Mali video about the importance of libraries.

Thanks Angel – this is hilarious!

Another great motivational video.

Here’s a great video from New Brunswick about the changes occurring in education.

I’m taking a course at UBC to get my Diploma in Education – Teacher-Librarian and so I have been doing a lot of research on school libraries.  There is some good “stuff” out there so I thought I would create a page on the blog to share what I find.

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