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May 17, 2011

Block F – Literature 12 – Hey Jessica!  We hope you are having a good time in Maui!  Don’t forget to go to Paia and Fred’s for Mexican, YUMMY!  Stella Blues Café is also awesome!  I gave 2 handouts for notes on Ode to the West Wind  and Ode to a Nightingale.  I will give you copies when you get home as you probably can’t print them out there 🙂

We also read When I Have Fears  by Keats – he was a bit of a “sad duck” as my grandmother would say.  He thought about death and dying a lot, and his poetry reflects this.

Don’t forget that your 18th Century/Romantics era test is on Thursday – ******** the theme you will have to write about is NATURE********* but I bet you probably figured that out.  The test is on Thursday is out of 70 marks.  You will need to be able to identify quotations and recognize poetic devices.

Blocks E & H – We continued to work on our Facebook assignment today.  Thanks to my future student teacher, this go a lot easier with the templates she gave me.  You will have a bit more time next class to work on these.

Don’t forget that your next Lit Circle meeting is on Thursday.  Is your reading up to date?

Block G – English 11 – Your first Lit Circle assignment was due today.  There are quite a few of you who didn’t hand this in so I hope to receive a few more next class.

Today you worked on an English usage booklet. (a copy is on the handouts page)  Each sentence contains an error that has appeared in a student’s work.  These are all word errors so check carefully.  Most are homonym or homograph errors but some just are not even words!  We will begin going over this the class after our next Lit Circle.

May 13, 2011

Well, we survived Friday the 13th!  And it was actually sunny today!  Have a great weekend!

Block G – English 11 – We had our first Lit Circles today.  Some of the groups really had some great discussions.  I loved that people who had read a book another group was discussing, felt welcome to contribute to the other discussions.  Very cool!

A copy of the Lit Circle agenda is available on the “Handouts” page.  Don’t forget your role for next Lit Circle (May 19th) and your writing assignment for next class.

Blocks E & H – English 12 – We began with reading quizzes your novels today.  No tricks, just wanted to make sure everyone is keeping up with the reading.

We then went on to what I hope was a fun assignment for everyone – creating Facebook pages for characters in your novels.  I really appreciated all the suggestions from you as I wasn’t sure how best to go about this assignment.  You are definitely exceeding my expectations!  We will work on this again next class and then we will look to see where we are at and adjust our timeline and due date accordingly.

Block F – Literature 12 – We finished discussing The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and then we read Apostrophe to the Ocean by Byron.  I gave you a handout for the notes on this poem.  Your Reading Check questions are due for Rime.

We then went to the computer lab to work on your exam review sheets.  Don’t forget about your test next Thursday!

May 11, 2011

Blocks E & H – English 12 – Today we began with 20 minutes of silent reading.  I am excited to see that quite a few of you have finished your novels.  Make sure you review the section you were to read for our next Lit Circles so you can stay on the discussion.

We started going over the practice government exam today.  I think many of you are not taking enough time with the readings and the questions.  It is also obvious those of you who did no planning before the writing pieces.  Check last day’s post for some exam tips.

Next class you will have a reading quiz and then do your third Lit Circle, which will be a group activity.

Block F – Literature 12 – We began by going over the Romantic Age worksheet together.  Make sure you finish the sheet by filling in information about each of the 5 authors.

We then read and began discussing The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – great imagery in this poem and we can see all of the allusions to this poem in Pirates of the Caribbean.  For homework you need to do the 10 “Check your Understanding” questions that follow the poem.

Don’t forget that your exam review sheets are due on May 19th!

Block G – English 11 – We were in the computer lab to finish your novel/author fact sheets today and then you had some silent reading time.  Your first Lit Circle will be next class.  Come prepared to discuss your novel in detail!

May 9, 2011

Blocks H & E – English 12 – Today we did part 2 of your practice government exam.  We will go over the exam together but here are a few observations for you to remember when you write the real thing:

  1. Write as if you are sure!  Do not use qualifiers like “kind of”, “maybe”, “possibly” – these weaken your argument.  Even if you aren’t sure, write as if you are!
  2. In the multiple choice remember they want the best answer.  This may not be the answer you thought of before you looked at the options – eliminate the definite no’s to make your choice easier.
  3. In the multiple choice use the clues they give you.  Even if you think you know the answer, re-read the paragraph mentioned in the question to be sure.
  4. Look for clues in the questions.
  5. Use the multiple choice questions to give you information for the written answers.
  6. Avoid beginning and ending your written answers with quotations,
  7. Be sure your written answers are in the correct place.
  8. In the multiple choice – if you put 2 answers you get it wrong – even if one of the answers is correct – be sure to put an X through the one that you don’t want considered.

Don’t forget to keep up with your reading.  Our next Lit. Circle will be on Friday.

Block G – English 11 – You had half the class for silent reading and then we went to the computer lab to work on your author/novel fact sheet. (a copy of the assignment is on the Handouts page)  Next class we will do this in reverse – finish your assignment and then have the rest of the period for silent reading.  Your first Lit Circle meeting is Friday.

Block F – Literature 12 – We read the introduction to the Romantic Age today.  The big things to make note of are the influence of the American, French and Industrial Revolutions.  Make sure you know the “characteristics” of the literature from this era.  For homework you need to finish the worksheet on the Romantic Age and pre-read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Your 18th Century/Romantic Age TEST is next Thursday!

May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Darrol!

Block F – Literature 12 – Today we read Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.  This is one of my favourite poems.  I love how Gray creates the imagery of the graves and the setting right at the beginning of the poem.  I also like how he expresses that all we all want is to be remembered.  There is a worksheet to complete for this poem.

Due today were your Swift notes, Rape of the Lock worksheets, and Modest Proposal Response Journal.  Due Monday – Burns and Blake questions and Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard questions.  Don’t forget to also pre-read the next set of poems:

  • My Heart Leaps Up
  • The World is Too Much With Us
  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Blocks E & H – English 12 – I was a little disappointed with the number of people who did not have their reading done for today, especially because you established your own reading schedule.  You also let your other group members down when you don’t fulfill your responsibilities.

There is a copy of today’s Lit Circle Agenda on the Handouts page.  You need to hand in anything you prepared for today’s Lit Circle – as part of your role – Disussion Leader, Literary Illuminary, Illustrator, etc.  You also need to do assignment #2 – both of these are due at the start of next class.

Next class we will do part 2 of our practice government exam.

Block G – English 11 – We chose our novels for our Lit Circle groups today.  I hope everyone is happy with their choice.  Our first Lit. Circle meeting will be May 13th.  Make sure you keep up with the reading schedule your group decided on together!

May 3, 2011

Block G – English 11 – We had 2 more people finish their speeches today.  Good job Nathan and Logan!

Because so many people were on the Playland field trip today, we spent the remainder of the period browsing possible novel choices for our Literature Circle unit.  You will choose from:

  • The Great Gatsby
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (if you didn’t do it in grade 10)
  • Speak
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  • Beastly
  • House Rules
  • Be True To Your School
  • Wuthering Heights

Blocks E & H – English 12 – Over half of our classes were on the Physics field trip today so we had a work period.  Some people did the practice exam they missed last day, some used this period to finish their Lit Circle response that was due last class, and some used the time to catch up on their novel reading.  Don’t forget that our second Lit Circle meeting is Thursday – everyone was assigned a “role” in their group – don’t let your group down!

Block F – Literature 12 – We began by taking some notes on Burns, Blake and Gray. (they’re on the Handouts page Vicki and Alex) and then we read To A Mouse, The Lamb, and The Tyger.  You also got some review questions on these three poems.

Some due dates:

  1. Thur. May 5 – Modest Proposal response journal
  2. Thur. May 5 – Rape of the Lock assignment
  3. Thur. May 5 – Swift notes
  4. Mon. May 9 – Burns and Blake review questions
  5. Thur. May 19 – 18th century/Romantics TEST

Be sure to check the post below for the images to go with The Lamb and The Tyger.

April 29, 2011

Blocks E & H – English 12 – Today we did the first half of a practice final exam.  Many of you struggled a bit with reading the questions carefully and the sometimes vague answers.  You need to expect this from a government exam.  They ask for the best  answer – which doesn’t always mean the one that is perfectly right.

Next week is a bit mixed up with the Playland field trip and the track meet.  On Tuesday, we will do a short poetry assignment and on Thursday we will have our second literature circle meeting.  If yo are going to be away for either or both of these days, make sure you check with me or on the blog to keep up with the rest of the class.

We will do the second half of the final exam on Monday, May 9th.

Block F – Literature 12 – There were some notes on the board on Epic elements that you should have copied down.  Here they are:

Epic Elements:

  • invocation
  • heroic theme
  • question and reply
  • epic hero
  • in medias res – plunging into the middle of a story – then using flashbacks to tell what has happened previously
  • formal, ornate language
  • vast setting
  • use of fate
  • a battle
  • intervening supernatural elements/forces
  • epic similes (Homeric – relating to Homer)
  • epic epithets – descriptive name or phrase used to characterize someone or something – eg. America the Beautiful, Catherine the Great, keen-edged sword

We then finished reading and discussing The Rape of the Lock.  For homework you were given a take-home quiz/assignment – due no later than Thursday, May 5th.

We then read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.  This is such a fun read.  I enjoy it more every time I read it.  For homework you are to make notes on Swift and write a response journal on A Modest Proposal – also due no later than Thursday, May 5th.

I appreciate that this is quite a bit of homework but we have to cover quite a bit of literature in this last month and a half.

Block G – English 11 – Speeches continued today and were just as good as the first day.  I am so impressed by your effort and your maturity.  You are also great audience members.

Our class has voted to send Nick, Caris, Becca and Ally to the school speech festival!  Congratulations to all 4 of you – it is an honour to be selected by your peers!

April 27, 2011

Blocks H & E – English 12 – We did our first Literature Circle meetings today.  An agenda can be found on the “handouts” page.  Remember that we are changing our next meeting to May 5th because of the Playland Physics field trip on the 3rd.  Your writing assignment from today is due next class, Friday, April 29th.

On Friday we will begin a practice government exam.  You do not really need to study for this, but be prepared to “think” on that day.  There will be marks assigned for doing the exam – it is not optional.

Block G – English 11 – Another AMAZING day of speeches today!  I am so impressed.  We will continue the speeches next class and then select representatives to speak at the school Speech Festival.

Block F – Literature 12 – We took some notes on Alexander Pope and The Rape of the Lock today.  We read the poem and then started going over Canto III.  We will finish going over the poem next class AND read A Modest Proposal. You will have a take home assignment on The Rape of the Lock to be completed over the weekend.

April 21, 2011

Block F – Literature 12 – We did a quick homework quiz and then went over the worksheet on the 18th Century/Romantic era.  We read the first poem for this era, To the Ladies, one of the first pieces of feminist literature.

We have each signed up to create 2 review sheets for the final exam and next class we will be reading The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope.

Blocks E & H – English 12 – We worked on creating fact sheets for the authors and novels we are reading for our Lit. circles.  Everyone should have finished their fact sheet – if you didn’t, it is due at the beginning of next class.

We will be meeting in our first Lit. circle groups on Tuesday.

Block G – English 11 – We did a practice exercise for our speeches today.  We will begin our speech presentations next class.

April 14, 2011

Blocks E & H – English 12 – Today you met with your Lit Circle group for the first time.  You began by creating a reading schedule for your group.  The Lit Circle dates are:

  1. Wednesday, April 27th
  2. Tuesday, May 3rd
  3. Friday, May 13th
  4. Thursday, May 19th
  5. Tuesday, May 31st

You should have written down the pages or chapters you group agreed to have read to for each of these dates.  I encourage you to read ahead in the book to keep your “reading flow” but assignments and possible quizzes will be based on the reading schedule you gave me.

For the rest of the period you were given silent reading time to get a good start on your book.

Block F – Literature 12 – We had our Renaissance/17th Century Test today.  Please remember to finish your blue Restoration worksheet for next class and read “To the Ladies” and “Rape of the Lock”.

Block G – English 11 – We began working on our speeches today.  We talked about what makes a good speech and then brainstormed topics under the general theme of advice or a lesson.  Remember that your goal is to “step your speech up” a notch in grade 11.  Your speech needs to be 4-5 minutes long so good preparation is key.  You will have one more class period to work on your speech and then we will begin our presentations on April 27th.  You need to have a complete rough draft for next class so that we can do some work and practice with your speech.