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October 23, 2013

Interims are being mailed today.  On your interim you will see your marks for:

course outline

The Lottery response journal

The Three Questions quick write

Winning the Lottery blog post

Comments on lottery winning blog posts


In the next week you will get an updated report with your Power of One blog post/quotation responses, comments on others’ blog posts, citation assignment.


We have now started to read Lord of the Flies.  This novel is truly a classic and a standard for English class reading.  There are so many great topics for discussion from this novel – good vs. evil, leadership, mob mentality, symbolism, and the impact experience can have on a writer.  In the handouts section you will see a copy of the unit schedule – which I also gave out in class – the pre-reading questions to consider, as well as the during reading activity.  The during reading research you are being asked to do cannot be a last minute thing.  You can start this right away so that it is ready to hand in when we are done the novel.  You will also be doing a significant writing piece for this novel (yes, I mean essay), so you will be busy before Christmas, plan accordingly.

October 4, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates – this has mostly been due to the fact that your attendance has been great, and you have been completing assignments so I haven’t had to update as often 🙂

Recently we watched The Power of One, and inspiring film about the beginnings of apartheid in South Africa.  I’m so glad that most of you enjoyed the film, despite its disturbing content at times.  Following the viewing, you began working on an assignment where you chose 2 quotations from the film (or novel) and wrote about each.  A copy of the assignment is on the handouts page.

Your completed quotation responses should now be posted to your blogs and you should have responded to at least three of your classmates posts.  Remember that part of your assessment includes these comments and meaningful responses.

We are now ready to begin talking about citation.  We will be learning about APA style.  On the library website,, there is a link to a tutorial that you will need to view.  The tutorial will make terms and style in APA more familiar to you before we begin working on our own citations.  There is also a worksheet to complete for next class.