September 18, 2013

Welcome to a new year of English 12.  This blog will be the place to find class updates, PDFs of assignments and handouts, and tips for success in English 12.

We are beginning the year by looking at several pieces of literature with similar themes.  We will spend some time learning techniques and writing formats that I would like you to know for this year.  Sometimes what we are doing or discussing will seem “easy” at this stage, and that’s ok – if it’s easy, then it means it’s familiar to you.  Just remember a couple of things – this is English class so things like grammar, spelling, punctuation, and legibility ALWAYS count, you will make more work for yourself if you don’t meet deadlines, AND… (and I know this is three things, and that’s more than a couple), ENGLISH is the MOST important class you are taking this year!!!

By now you should have your first blog post complete – about winning the lottery.  You should also have commented on at least three of your classmates’ blog posts.  Next we read The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson.  Following this, we learned about response journals, and you should now be working on a polished draft to hand in of your response journal.  This is due Friday, September 20th in hard copy form.

Just a reminder that the course outline and response journal criteria are available on the “handouts” page above.

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• Hope Secondary School • English 12 teacher • Teacher-Librarian • Leadership Advisor

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