May 25, 2011

Blocks E & H – English 12 – We began with some “housekeeping” today – looking at our last 9  (now 8 :))  classes, deciding how to use this time, and for block H, handing back your practice exams.  Block E also did some silent reading at the start of the period.

This was your last class period to work on your Facebook assignment.  The templates are available on the Handouts page of the blog for those of you who want to work on it at home.  Your finished pages should be printed and handed in to me next class, or saved so that I can view them (if you did real Facebook pages).

Block F – Literature 12 – We took introductory notes on the Victorian Age today.  Many classic novels were written during this time.  Be prepared to read Tennyson, and the Brownings for next class.

We also had about a half hour to work on your next set of review sheets.  You should be reviewing for the final exam – a little every day will make a big difference!

Block G – English 11 – I handed back a couple of assignments and handed out a print out of your Term 4 mark at this point.  You also handed in your second Lit Circle assignment today.  There will be 2 or  3 more assignments before the end of the term.

We also went over the “Common Errors in English” booklet today.  You can expect that some of these will be on the final exam.  You received another grammar package today on sentence fragments and run-ons.  You should complete pages 7, 8 and 9 for homework.  A copy of the package is available on the Handouts page.

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