May 19, 2011

Blocks H & E – English 12 – Today you began with your fourth Lit Circle.  A copy of the agenda is available on the Handouts page.  You discussed theme and conflict in your novel and handed in the notes you made today.

For the second half of the period you worked on your Facebook assignment.  Next class we will evaluate the progress of the assignment and decide how and when it will be submitted.  They look really great!  You have exceeded my expectations.

Block G – English 11 – You had your second Lit Circle meeting today.  You were running the “meeting” as per the roles you assigned yourselves last class.  Next class you will hand in any “prep” work you did for the Lit Circle meeting (quotations, questions, drawings, etc) and your next assignment – which is to write a 1-page response to something someone else in your group contributed.

Block F – Literature 12 – You had your 18th Century/Romantics Test today!  Only one more big test to go before the final exam.

Your first set of exam review sheets were due today and then you signed up for 3 more.  There was some time at the end of the period to get started on these.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

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  1. Hey Mrs.Poulin, I was wondering about that facebook template thing for english? where do I go to get that for the project? Is it on a website? Because drawing it all out on paper is hopeless, and making a real account is frustrating… :p thank you.

  2. Alright no worries! thank you again! 🙂

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